About us

PRO4SEC is one of the most recognizable brands in the high-end surveillance market. This wouldn’t have been possible without some of the world’s finest electronic and software engineers.

We prefer being the best in the world and delivering the most optimal service in one very specific field – SMD modifications – over having a huge portfolio of products and delivering average or poor service and technical support.

Our passion

is to bring ideas and solutions to the market that no one else has ever brought before.


CEO, Developer

Senior software engineer, the winner of the highest award from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia for outstanding design and development of audio store and forward solution.

NATO, EU and National security clearance
Dean’s award for the 2015/2016 academic year
Most successful student in the 2011–2016 batch of IT students.

Until October 2017, he held a managerial position as the Head of the Technical department in the Ministry of Interior.

Proficient in C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Yii2 Framework, Mikrotik MTCNA and MTCRE, Ubuntu Server (Linux), Windows Server, Git, MySQL, Algorithms.

Founder, CTO

Senior electronic engineer with 8 years of experience in SMD electronics and hardware design.

Proficient soldering skills, JTAG and SMD modding

Previous experience with X- and S-band radars, echosounders, radios and antennas, networks, GPS modules, PID controllers, PLCs, three-phase power generators, and UPS systems.

CISO, Network engineer

Senior network engineer, former employee of the Ministry of Interior in the Technical department; received numerous acknowledgements during this term.

NATO, EU and National security clearance

Proficient in Python, C, C++; Mikrotik MTCNA and MTCRE certified; Cisco CCNA level routing, Windows server, Linux server, MySQL, Advanced audio, photo and video post-processing.

Vast experience with server management and maintenance for intelligence software purpose.