Who we are…

PRO4SEC is one of the world’s most recognizable brands in the high-end surveillance market.

Our engineers have a very specific background which, among others, is one of the key advantages in the thoughtful design and development of cutting edge tactical systems for Law Enforcement Agencies.

What makes us a world leader in this field?

PRO4SEC is led by an award-winning software engineer who has worked with the government in the past.

By virtue of the uniqueness of its specialization and experience, PRO4SEC can position itself as a world leader in SMD modifications.

Highest award received from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia for technological advancement.

This is our story:

We started developing our first product in an almost “garage” environment, and very few people trusted our capabilities. But even in those hard days, we believed that we could make a change in the market; this is something that kept us striving to perfect our electronic engineering and programming through the nights till the very early mornings.

But more than anything, we enjoyed this work.

Denis was so convinced that all this hard work and dedication must pay off, because he had already received astonishing awards in the academic and professional community that very few people had managed to achieve.

So we made a first prototype of the product. Even though it was really bad, everything worked!

Six months later, we received an exceptional chance to present our product in front of the most important European customers. We did a good job, and something started moving forward, but still some time went by without us having a real effect.

And then one day, BAM! We received an official order for 100 products. This was an amazing achievement. Even though this literally turned our company upside down, we had to continue the hard work and invest more in the product development.

And today, we are delivering you something that is very unique in the world.

World leader in SMD modifications